Blue Snow Booties (Longdistance)

A lightweight and breathable booty, optimal for winter wear on snow. BLUE booties.

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11,95 €

A light and breathable booty, optimal to use during winter to protect your dog's legs from snow, ice, salt surface and extreme coldness, in addition to when a wound is made.

When and why wear booties?

  • For long walks on hard, stony or sharp-edged terrain, for example, on mountain excursions.
  • To run in the frozen snow.
  • For dogs with long hair between the paws, and thus avoid the formation of snowball and the chafing they cause. Your dog will thank you!
  • In slight leg injuries (such as abrasions). Always contact your veterinarian if you are not sure.
  • A set of booties is a must for any active dog owner. In small accidents along the way you can make it easier for your dog to continue and accelerate healing.

Caution is better than patience!

Two pieces per package.

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Blue Snow Booties (Longdistance)