Rock Harnes

Harnais pour une utilization quotidienne et polyvalent.
Le Rock Harness is conçu avec a breathable matière (HexiVent) that contributes comfort and légèreté.

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The Rock Harness is designed with a breathable material (HexiVent) that provides comfort and lightness.

It has 3 attachment points for the strap, one on the back, one on the chest and one on the front to avoid jerks, it also has a handle for greater holding comfort both to help overcome obstacles and for greater safety of the dog.

The Rock Harness is adjustable in the neck and chest, that allows it to be used in puppies as in large dogs, since it allows an easy placement without the need to raise the front legs.


Neck circumference29-36 cm36-48 cm43-60 cm51-69 cm60-84 cm
Chest circumference40-56 cm45-60 cm58-84 cm72-102 cm74-108 cm

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Rock Harnes

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