Nansen Stick Harness

Harness designed and developed by the best long distance mushers from around the world.

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84,95 €

The Nansen Stick harness can be used by dogs with spinal or hip problems and relieve the load on the spine. This harness allows mobility up and down as needed between the hips.

The Nansen Stick uses the strength of the dogs more efficiently and creates a more comfortable posture for dogs that perform the sports activity of mushing.

The Nansen Stick Harness can be very useful for large dogs and those who run at an angle.



Neck circumference

32-34 cm 36-38 cm34-36 cm38-40 cm36-38 cm40-42 cm38-40 cm42-44 cm40-42 cm44-46 cm42-44 cm46-48 cm44-48 cm48-52 cm
Maximum blade length41-54 cm52-54 cm54-57 cm54-57 cm57-60 cm57-60 cm60-63 cm60-63 cm63-66 cm63-66 cm66-70 cm66-70 cm70-72 cm70-72 cm

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Nansen Stick Harness