Trekking belt

The "Trekking" belt is suitable for practicing canicross, skijoring and dog-trekking.

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The NON-STOP "Trekking" belt is a one size model adjustable from 75cm to 125cm. It incorporates a padding around the back and has been designed to deliver the traction exerted by the dog in the hip joint by a low band. The belt has leg type accessory tapes that facilitate their adjustment to any size.

The belt features a hook and loop at the front where the line is located. So, it is compatible with both loop-ending lines  and lines with a carabiner at the end.

The belt has a small loop at the back where you can attach the NON-STOP accessory "baggybag" to always have on hand the collecting bags of excrement.

NOTE: In some competitions using a quick release carabiner is required not included.

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Trekking belt