Combined harness

The Combo Harness has been developed on the basis of Non Stop's Free Motion Harness, but can also be used to drag an object such as a pulka.

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5Red32-38 cm
6Blue37-42 cm
7White41-48 cm
8Green48-55 cm
9Orange52-56 cm

Combination harness

The combination harness provides your dog with the same freedom of movement as the Free Motion harness, but a hooking system makes it easy to put on and attach the accessories needed to drag an object such as a pulka. This harness is more padded in the chest part, so the harness is more rigid and the load distribution is evenly distributed. The harness is red like the one seen in the photograph, and only one mark on the nylon is of a different color depending on the size.

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Combined harness

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