Flyber Disc flying Frisbee

Flyber: the first double-sided flying disc for dogs and their owners in Europe.

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Flyber Frisbee 22 cm.

  • Double sided. Variable flight path.
  • Unique material. Dogs love it.
  • Unique way. Easy to pick up from the ground.
  • Floating
  • Does not break
  • Harmless to teeth and gums.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor games.
  • Due to the optimal size, shape and unique material, it is excellent for playing with dogs of different breeds and sizes.

Even dogs that have not previously shown an interest in playing with frisbees cannot resist Flyber.

The dog can easily bite the Flyber without damaging it, and even if a dog can't catch it in midair, it can easily lift it off the ground.

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Flyber Disc flying Frisbee

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