DOGATHLON is a group of people who enjoy spending time and space with our dogs. For us, our relationship to dogs is not only a hobby but it became a way of living and having fun.

By creating DOGATHLON we intend to create a meeting point for people who share the same interests and relationship to dogs and, above all , to create a stepping stone for those wishing to participate in this long and growing list of sports that you can enjoy with your pet.

Our expertise is in the sport of sled dogs, from canicross to mushing , however, we are aware of the many ways that exist, but our knowledge might be less extensive.

But especially because of that we founded DOGATHLON – To create a network of people with further or other expertise that share experiences, knowledge or concerns and in order for us to continue learning and enjoying.

In our store you can find a variety of items and brands that we have used ourselves and that work very well to equip yourselves you and your pets. We try to have a variety of items large enough to help you deal with any need you have, from an occasional to participation in high competition. Most of them know first-hand and we intend to update and expand the supply constantly, but we value your opinions . If an item does not meet your expectations , do not hesitate to tell us. Will accommodate your demands and find the best solution together.