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    "All-in-One" is the slogan for these multi-seasonal dog shoes. With its soft but nonslip sole and the performing hexagonal tread profile dogs can wear these shoes on all surfaces such as asphalt streets, rocky trails and salty or icy roads.

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    • Every dog need a collar that is comfortable and does its job. The Classic Collar is made from a durable nylon twisted yarn adjustable collar is simple with its classic beauty.

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      • No matter if its a walk around the neighborhood, a day in the woods or your training at the dog school. For those dogs who walk best with a harness this is the comfortable every day solution.

        25,00 €
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      • This durable life vest protects your dog in the water, whether it is a river, lake or the sea.

        81,75 €
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      • The Click'n Treat Bag has a convenient and quick one hand opening feature. It allows you to keep your bag closed at all times, but quickly open it whenever you would like to reward your four-legged friend.

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        • Performance cooling vest from Eqdog.

          77,00 €
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          • Dog paws can be very sensitive. That is why we protect them with dog shoes if needed. But some dogs need a little extra protection against friction or gravel that may end up inside of the shoes, depending on the trail.

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          • This is the ideal toy for all dogs who love to tug, swim & retrieve inside or outside of the water. Playing tug is one of the best games to strengthen the bond between you and your four legged friend.

            18,70 €
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          • For all dogs who love to catch, chase & retrieve this is the perfect toy for spending some fun time together. Our disc is soft to catch for you and your dog but durable enough to survive a good tug.

            16,90 €
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          • Functionality, durability, easy of use and a light weight & breathable construction are the major characteristics of this multifunctional harness. It is ideal for your daily walks, training, hiking, man-trailing, backpacking, etc. 

            58,10 €
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            • This high tech life vest covers your dog like a second skin. It is light, completely waterproof and doesn't soak up with water during use.

              105,90 €
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              • Our super lightweight portable bowl is a gadget every dog owner should have. It is easy to store and ideal to take everywhere you go. It has a stainless steel stiffening ring that prevents it from collapsing when full.

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