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Stangest is a company that has been dedicated to the health of companion animals for 25 years by researching, manufacturing and marketing veterinary products.
They are part, since 2018, of the Spanish pharmaceutical group Cantabria Labs.
The range of products they offer includes nutritional supplements, hygiene and beauty products, insecticides and repellents and diagnosis, and has been developed over the years by their human team that, with their dedication, commitment and professionalism, guarantees quality and the performance of the products that make up our catalog. A highly qualified technical staff, with an innovative and nonconformist spirit, whose purpose is to improve the health and quality of life of our pets to share, enjoy and celebrate life with them.

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  • Anima-Strath is a unique complementary food for pets. Anima-Strath contains 61 vital substances: all essential amino acids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements, numerous B vitamins and enzymes. It does not contain dyes, flavorings, preservatives or genetically modified organisms.

    120,00 €
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  • Healing Lotion Spray. Stimulates the natural wound healing process, without crusting. Relieves and calms the itching sensation.

    18,85 €
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  • Curtivet Lotion for pads.Lotion for the protection and care of dogs' pads.

    18,50 €
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  • The Stanvet Life repellent collar for dogs protects them against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for 4 months.

    16,00 €
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  • Advanced ear hygiene. OtiVet is an ear cleaning solution with calendula and thyme for hygiene andcomplete hydration.

    13,50 €
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  • Summer package.

    30,00 €
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