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  • No matter if its a walk around the neighborhood, a day in the woods or your training at the dog school. For those dogs who walk best with a harness this is the comfortable every day solution.

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  • Functionality, durability, easy of use and a light weight & breathable construction are the major characteristics of this multifunctional harness. It is ideal for your daily walks, training, hiking, man-trailing, backpacking, etc. 

    53,70 €
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    • Harness is ideal for everyday use or for activities with more movement.

      59,95 €
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      • Versatile harness for hiking, with an ergonomic design that allows the free mobility of the dog

        64,95 €
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        • Harnais pour une utilization quotidienne et polyvalent.Le Rock Harness is conçu avec a breathable matière (HexiVent) that contributes comfort and légèreté.

          96,95 €
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