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  • This harness is suitable for any exercise of traction, especially in work situations. With FreeMotion harness all dogs, regardless of size, have unobstructed airway and reduce the risk of back injuries. The harness is black, only one of the tapes is a different color depending on the size.

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  • The Combo Harness has been developed on the basis of Non Stop's Free Motion Harness, but can also be used to drag an object such as a pulka.

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  • It is a light harness without buckles of the "X-Back" type, ideal for running. It has reflective material on the back and on the neck, so the dog will be more visible in the darkness.

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  • Harness is ideal for everyday use or for activities with more movement.

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      Canicross Harness DOGGALLOP brand.

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    • Versatile harness for hiking, with an ergonomic design that allows the free mobility of the dog

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      • Harnais pour une utilization quotidienne et polyvalent.Le Rock Harness is conçu avec a breathable matière (HexiVent) that contributes comfort and légèreté.

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      • Sled Harness.

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